Commissioned Research and Publications


Comparative Environmental Law and Regulation (Elizabeth Burleson, Nicholas Robinson & Lin Heng Lye eds. West Law: ongoing (four country chapters published three times a year). View Introduction and View West Law Summary (full text available on Westlaw Database). (editor and US chapter author).


• Environmental Law Treatise 2nd ed. (William Rodgers and Elizabeth Burleson ed. Thomson Reuters / West 2016) ongoing. 4 vols. text available on Westlaw Database.


• Environmental Law (William Rodgers and Elizabeth Burleson ed. 3d ed. West Academic 2016).


• Environmental Law in Indian Country (William Rodgers and Elizabeth Burleson ed. West Law: 2015) text available on Westlaw Database.


• "Energy Law and Disasters," in Climate Disaster Law: Barriers and Opportunities (Rosemary Lyster and Rob Verchick eds. Edward Elgar: 2017).  


• "Polar Lessons from Antarctica Climate Cooperation," Ocean and Coastal Law in the Climate Change Context: Domestic and International Regulatory Challenges (Abate et al ed. Oxford University Press: 2014) View Document and Book Summary


Energy, Climate and Water Governance Chapters in Waters and Water Rights, Chapters 4A, 4B, 25, 26, 27 (R. Beck and A. Kelly, ed. Reed Elsevier / Matthew Bender: annually revised 2007-2015). View Document and Book Summary


• Current Developments in Arctic Law (Timo Koivurova and Waliul Hasanat ed.) University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law (2013) View Document


"The Polar Regions and Environmental Law," in Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law, (Alam et al ed. Routledge: 2012). View Document and Routledge Book Summary


"Tribes as Essential Partners in Achieving Sustainable Governance," in Legal Strategies for Greening Local Government, (Hirokawa & Salkin, ed. ABA: 2012). View Document and ABA Book Summary


"Innovation, Adaptation and Climate Change Law," in Implementing Adaptation Strategies by Legal, Economic and Planning Instruments on Climate Change, (Springer: 2012). Book Summary



• "Dynamic Federalism and Multilateral Climate Coordination," Fordham Environmental Law Review (2016) forthcoming.

• Catalyzing Consensus: Dynamics of Energy-Water-Climate Pricing and Environmentally Sound Innovation forthcoming.

International Law Association Committee on International Law and Sea Level Rise Report (Davor Vidas, David Freestone, and Jane McAdam ed. ILA: forthcoming) Contributing author.

• International Bar Association Report on Human Rights and the Environment (2016) forthcoming.

• "Human Rights and the Environment - a Review," reviewing Environmental Law Dimensions

of Human Rights (Oxford 2015) in IUCN Journal (2016).

Civil Society Contributions to Inclusive Climate Cooperation, 37 Fordham International Law Journal 1329, (2015). View Document

IUCN Climate Analysis On UNFCCC (2015) Contributing author.

• IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) 2014 Contributing author. View Document

• "Inside the System, Outside the Box: Palau's Pursuit of Climate Justice and Security at the United Nations," 3 Cambridge Journal of Transnational Environmental Law 17 (2014) Co-author. View Document

International Law Association Committee on the Principles Relating to Climate Change Report (Rajamani ed. ILA: 2014) Contributing author.

• "Climate Change and Natural Gas Dynamic Governance," 63 Case Western Reserve Law Review 4 (2013). View Document

"Dynamic Governance Innovation," 24 Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 477 (2013). View Document

"Cooperative Federalism and Hydraulic Fracturing: A Human Right to a Clean Environment" 22 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 289 (2012). View Document

"Climate Sustainability through Ethics, Economic, and Environmental Coordination" 43 ELR 4 (2013).

• "Field Notes from the Super-Storm Sandy Catastrophe," 39 Columbia Journal of Environmental Law Field Reports 1 (2013). View Document

• "Collective Climate Solution Generation and Implementation," 30 Yale Journal Regulation Online 17 (2012). View Document

"Arctic Justice: Addressing Persistent Organic Pollutants," University of Minnesota Law School, 30 Law and Inequality 57 (2012). Co-author. View Document

"Innovation Cooperation: Energy Biosciences and Law," 2011 University of Illinois Law Review 651 (2011) Lead-author.  View Document

"Emerging Environment and Human Rights Law," co-created a Human Right and Environment film addressing Svitlana Kravchenko's pioneer legal advocacy in these integrating fields (2011).   

"From Coase to Collaborative Property Decision-making: Green Economy Innovation," 14 Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property 79 (2011). View Document

"Making Sand Castles as the Tide Comes In: Legal Aspects Of Climate Justice," 2 George Washington Journal of Energy and Environmental Law 42 (2011) (in partnership with the Environmental Law Institute). View Document

• "Cancun Climate Negotiations," 15 American Society of International Law Insight 41 (2011) co-author. View Document

"Perspective on Economic Critiques of Disability Law: the Multifaceted Federal Role in Balancing Equity and Efficiency," 8 Indiana Health Law Review 335 (2011). View Document

"Energy Revolution and Disaster Response in the Face of Climate Change," 22 Villanova Environmental Law Journal 169 (2011). View Document

"Climate Change Consensus: Emerging International Law," 34 William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review 543 (2010). View Document

"Collaborative Community-based Natural Resource Management," 21 Fordham Environmental Law Review 201 (2010) Lead-author. View Document

Legal Aspects of Climate Justice, (ABA and UNDP: 2010) co-author.

"Emerging Law Addressing Climate Change and Water," Houston Law Center, 5 Environmental and Energy Law and Policy Journal 489 (2010). View Document

"Climate Change Displacement to Refuge," University of Oregon, 25 Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation 19 (2010). View Document

"China in Context: Energy, Water, and Climate Cooperation," 36 William Mitchell Law Review (water law symposium) 3 (2010). View Document

"Water, Climate, and Energy Security," International Law Association Symposium in 18 Southwestern Journal of International Law 181 (2010).

"International Human Rights Law and Co-Parent Adoption," 55 Loyola Law Review 791 (2010). View Document

"From Nondiscrimination to Civil Marriage," 19 Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy 383 (2010). View Document

• Greening Water Law, contributing author, (Gabriel Eckstein, ed. UNEP: 2010-2011).

"Energy Policy, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer to Address Climate Change," 18 University of Iowa Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems 69 (2009).  View Document

"Energy Security, Green Job Creation, and Youth Innovation," 24 Connecticut Journal of International Law 381 (2009). View Document

"Wind Power, National Security, and Sound Energy Policy," 17 Penn State Environmental Law Review 137 (2009). View Document

• Copenhagen Climate Change Consensus Building, Documentary Film of the Copenhagen Conference, (Inkey: December 2009).

• Jessup International Law Competition 2009 Bench Memorandum, contributing author.

• "Energy on a Stick," Architecture South Dakota (American Institute of Architects 2009).

"A Climate of Extremes: Transboundary Conflict Resolution," 32 Vermont Law Review 477 (2008). View Document

• "Climate Change and the Bali Roadmap," 12 American Society of International Law Insight 4 (2008). View Document

"Water Leadership and the Rights of Youth to Sustainable Development," 31 Hamline Law Review 755 (2008). View Document

"Water is Security," (UC Davis) 31 Environs Environmental Law and Policy Journal 197 (2008). View Document

"Multilateral Climate Change Mitigation," 41 University of San Francisco Law Review 373 (2007). View Document

"Tribal, State, and Federal Cooperation to Achieve Good Governance," 40 Akron Law Review 207 (2007). View Document

• Maze of Injustice: The Failure to Protect Indigenous Women, contributing author, (Amnesty International: 2007).

• The Rights of Children and Youth to Sustainable Development (UN: 2007).

• Carbon Intensity, Transboundary Conflict Resolution, and Climate Change Mitigation, (UN: 2007).

• Climate Challenge Strategies, (National Wildlife Federation: 2007).

"Middle Eastern and North African Hydropolitics: From Eddies of Indecision to Emerging International Law," 18 Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 385 (2006). View Document

"Juvenile Execution, Terrorist Extradition, and Supreme Court Discretion to Consider International Death Penalty Jurisprudence," 68 Albany Law Review 909 (2005). View Document

"Equitable and Reasonable Use of Water in the Euphrates-Tigris River Basin," 35 Environmental Law Reporter 10041 (2005). View Document

• Legal Equality for Same Gender Couples, documentary film explaining rights and responsibilities of civil marriage, produced by NCCJ, aired by Channel 12, Connecticut (2001).

• Defining and Defending Human Rights In Russia, (Amnesty International: 1998). 

• Rising Temperatures: Rising Tides, (UNESCO: 1996). View Document

• Be the Change that You Wish to See, documentary film featuring environmental initiatives in India, Mexico, UK and US (Inkey: 1996).

• Individual Transferable Quotas in Fisheries in New Zealand (Cap and Trade) (Maori Tribal Council: 1996).

• Making Connections, Spanish documentary film on role of civil society during conflict in Chiapas, (Universidad del Valle de Mexico: 1994).

• Wetlands and Watersheds: The Long Island Sound, (Harbor Watch - River Watch: 1995).

• The Study of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in Universities, (UNEP: 1994).

• Environmental Education Across Australian Universities: a Geography Study (Earth Foundation Australia: 1994).

• Participation In Environmental Education (UNICEF: 1994).

• Children Ask the World of Us (author and illustrator of environmental children's book, Limited Ed.: 1992).

• United Nations Secretary General and the Environment (UNDP: 1990).




Bloomberg Law interview on hydraulic fracturing • Christian Science Monitor • SD Public Radio interviews on climate negotiations • ABC News TV interview: ethanol guest commentator • ABC News TV, SD Public Radio interview, and print media coverage of Burleson's Missouri River swim to fund law student public interest grants to work in tribal land. 


World Bank (DC & India) • Columbia • Yale (3) • Oxford • Cornell • New York University • United Nations (UN Office of Legal Affairs, UNITAR (5), UN University, UNESCO, UNEP, UNFCCC, UNICEF, and Commission on Sustainable Development, Division for Sustainable Development (2), UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs) • Fulbright – Uruguay • Fulbright – Brazil • National University of Singapore • Association of American Law Schools (5) • New York City Bar • University of Illinois • Northeastern • Georgetown • George Washington • University of Maryland • China Foreign Affairs University • George Mason • Fordham (3) • University of Georgia • Case Western (2) • Florida State • University of Connecticut (4) • Georgia State • UC Irvine • Rutgers • Lewis and Clark • Vermont Law School (5) • Pace (5) • University of Oregon (4) • International Law Association (4) • American Society of International Law • University of South Carolina • Brazil-American Institute for Law & Environment (2) • Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) • Environmental Law Collaborative • West Virginia University • University of New South Wales (Australia) • UNE School of Law (Australia) • Université de Limoges (France) • Temple • University of Houston Law Center • Denver University Sturm College of Law • Amnesty International • Copenhagen University • IUCN Academy & Villanova • Idaho • Wuhan University & IUCN • Mount Rushmore Institute on Energy • Natural Resources Law Professor Institute • American Agricultural Law Association • University of Nebraska • Gonzaga  • Wesleyan • Colby Human Rights & Environment Speakers Series • Universidad del Valle de Mexico • Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs • Red Cross (Nicaragua) • Iona College • Rotary International • Master of Ceremonies Public Interest Network Auction/Open Mic (3) • University for Peace (Costa Rica) • Polish National Parliament • St. Petersburg State University (Russia) • private audience with King of Nepal (Nepal) • SD Public Radio (2) • ABC News (2) • Reuters/Bloomberg.



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